Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beaded Green Woman Fairy Necklace

Ah, found it.

Made this for a lovely fairy who attends the Spoutwood Farm Fairy festival in PA.

The polymer face was of my own design, set onto a piece of stiff felt, with cranberry, green and gold beads to match her outfit.

Beaded Spiraling studies

It started with this pattern in a past Bead and Button...I wish I could remember the dates to give proper credit.... Normally I don't do the "super complex" looking patterns in the magazines, as I usually appreciate the originals too much to spend all that time on a piece that will sit in my box collecting dust. But this one....the "ruffling" on the edges caught my eye and wouldn't let go. I had to try it.
So of course, I swaped up the recommended beads a bit, but still like the overall look. Such a simple but effective design to add interest to a netted piece.
Though, if you click on it, you can pick out the cat fur that found it's way into the picture....*sigh*

This is what I messed around with after learning that spiraliling technique....and some beaded beads thrown in for good measure.....

Also, those were the last 3 glass drops I had gotten several years a go to make a fairy necklace....might see if I can find that picture around here.....

Monday, January 28, 2008

Netted Beaded Beads

For a while, this blogger is going to serve to chronical some of my past exploites.

This was an experiment in making beaded beads using a netting technique. They are built on dark blue wooden core beads in various sizes.

I used a few strands of the seed beads to braid bits of the rest of the necklace.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Beaded Beads

These were a few of the experiments I came up with after drooling over the wonderful work of Gwen and Florence at BeadInfinitum . Please go check them out, as you can spend hours there just amazed by the colors and bead mastery.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Wire and Beads - Wild Woman Statue

I made this last year to give to my foster mother for Christmas.

She collects female figurative/goddess art, so I whipped this lady up for her.

Basic wire frame, then filed in with swirls, a tree of life type pendant, and secured her into a base of sculpty and fishing weights to keep her standing. Polymer clay face, and eyelash yarn for hair.

She stands about a foot tall. Please click to see a HUGE picture of her to see the details.....

Wire Working

I also do a bit of the old wire working. To the left is a Copper, Labdorite, and peacock pearl creation. I made a bugle and seed bead necklace to hang it from based on a patern I found in an old Bead and Button magazine. I've seen it a few times, under different names, so I'm not sure who to give credit to for it. The pendant is all my own work.

It has since vanished from my bead box and I hope it has found a good home.