Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Woven Crystal Bracelet and Right Angle Pendant

Playing around with my picture set ups and some crystal pieces. Using a rather interesting diaginoal netting technique, I whipped this bracelet up using 2ab clear, satin ab blue, and a satin light topaz with matte ab grey delicas. Far from my usual colors....

A bit of an interesting right angle weave for ya. A Fairy Ring. Some ab clear seed beads, opal, tanizanite, and ab tanzanite crystals to finish it off.
I'm trying to decide if I should put these two up for sale on etsy.....not sure if it would be worth it or not....granted, I havn't been doing much with the etsy site as of recently....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

More Beaded Dolls

Opps, didn't realize I had already posted about how about two ladies that took a journey out across the country.... River and Leaf....

I had made Leaf first, and had put her up for sale, to have the lady who found her ask if I had any other beaded goddesses for sale. I had yet to list River, but something compelled me to send her a picture of her, and she responded that she had to have both...that they were sisters and she wouldn't dream of seperating them.
So I packed both of them up, and off they went across the country to live in Washington. Sometimes I wonder how it would be to take all these journeys myself.